Everything we do at Scottsdale Health and Wellness is based on the core values that guide our practice. We offer healthcare devoted to your unique needs, deliver our care and service with compassion and respect, and provide ongoing support that addresses your concerns and helps you achieve your goals.


Our medical services provide you with expert, comprehensive care that focuses on your individual health and wellness. More time at your office visits and unique access to your physician and healthcare team allows us to fully respond to your healthcare questions and needs.

•  24/7 access to your physician
•  Longer appointments with same-day or next-day visits
•  Annual comprehensive executive physical
•  Specialist referrals

Sports Medicine

Dr. Dean specializes in sports medicine and provides global management of all acute and chronic athletic injuries and arthritis conditions.

•  Injury and arthritis care with onsite radiology
•  Injection therapy including ultrasound guided injections
•  Equipment such as walking boots, crutches, braces, and splints
•  Immediate referrals to top orthopedic sports medicine physicians at Arizona Sports Medicine Center
•  Access to your electronic medical record and complimentary completion of medical forms


Our focus is a holistic approach to supporting your health and healthy lifestyle. Because your health, wellness and enjoyment of life are all intertwined, we have created a distinctive model of service that is unlike a traditional medical practice. Our practice is designed to provide hands on education and support to you by your healthcare team so that you achieve your nutrition and fitness goals and live your very best life.

•  Nutrition education with personalized food plan
•  Custom-tailored preventative health plans
•  4 one-on-one individualized personal training sessions a year with fitness evaluation or 4 one-on-one personal nutrition/lifestyle and functional movement sessions
•  Ongoing support via phone or email from your healthcare team
•  Monthly newsletter with health and wellness information
•  25% discount on enrollment fees and 1 month of dues waived at Village Health Clubs