Why should I consider a concierge physician?

The healthcare landscape is changing rapidly. Primary care physicians are having to see more patients in less time and use physician extenders, which has led to impersonal service, fragmented care, and long wait times when making appointments. Sometimes you might not even see your own physician.

A concierge physician practice offers highly attentive care that lets your physician focus on you and your healthcare needs while helping you navigate the complexities of the medical environment. And with unprecedented access to your physician, you get peace of mind.

Why should I consider Dr. Dean?

Dr. Dean offers personalized, comprehensive care in a relaxed setting. He provides onsite lab draws, EKG, radiology, spirometry, arthritis care, and injections that include ultrasound-guided injections. Dr. Dean has more than 15 years of clinical practice experience including training at the Mayo Clinic, one of the world’s premiere healthcare facilities.


What if I need to reach my doctor outside of business hours?

You can contact your doctor 24/7 through email (preferred) or by using the emergency pager service from your phone.


What if I need to see a specialist?

We can direct you to the specialists we work with and recommend in our area. Our office will facilitate scheduling these appointments.


Is the membership fee covered by insurance?

Private insurance and Medicare do not cover our annual fee. You do need to maintain a current insurance plan while with Scottsdale Health and Wellness, in order to cover things like office visits, lab work, radiology exams, and hospitalizations.

What happens when Dr. Dean is out of town?

In the event that Dr. Dean is unavailable and you require care, Dr. Dean’s associate can provide any and all necessary care.

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